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You are...

A Commercial manager wishing to develop the commercial team

A Ceo, procurement manager or supply manager looking for new transport staff members

An HR Manager needing commercial or transport technical expertise

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Our recruitment process

  • Identification of the customer's DNA and defining the needs

  • Drafting and distributing the job offer

  • In the case there is no candidate, beginning of the head-hunting process

  • Receiving and sorting applications

  • Phone calls for pre-selection

  • Weekly update and screening of pre-selected profiles

  • Remote or on-site interviews

  • Checking candidates'references

  • Personality inventory  

  • Transmitting selected profiles (with debriefing table, tests, CV, etc.)

  • Coordination and contact with the candidate during the whole process

  • Support in the choice of the final candidate

And if the profile is eventually not "the right one"  ...?

After a defined period, we offer a warranty clause to resume the recruitment process in case of failure.

But also ...

We can also support you in defining the ideal team, in defining and approving profiles.

Our Solution 

Business Team
FOR Which Commercial positions ?

Commercial director, head of sales, head of market, sales manager, key account manager (KAM), business development manager (BDM), account manager, SDR, business engineer, pricing manager, communication manager, marketing manager...


Transport manager

Transport coordinator

Project leader

Transport operational manager

Customer service manager ....

FOr which transport positions ?
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